Training needs for Teacher-Librarians

I am a 4th year Library Science student at the University of Namibia and I am conducting a research project on “The training needs for teacher-librarians in the Khomas region”. Due to lack of published materials on this topic, I am facing a problem of literature review information. Therefore, I am asking anyone with experience, knowledge and insight in this area to help me on this matter. The help of teacher librarians will be highly appreciated.

Approval to carry research

It is Thursday, September 4, 2008; and I go down the stairs to Prof. Mchombu’s office. He is still busy with prof. Buitendach, and I wait a little while. He finally calls me in as Prof. Buitendach leaves. He looks at my questionnaire and corrects some mistakes. Finally, he tells me to proceed with data collection.

Data collection

I have finally start collecting data from my sample. I used a systematic sampling method, in which 4 schools were selected from a total of 35 schools. Data collection began on Thursday, 11 September 2008 at TUCSIN. I am hoping to continue to other schools and complete data collection before 20 September.

Data analysis

Very soon I will begin with data analysis of my research project. The only problem so far, is that data collection is not yet completed. This is caused by lack of finance to travel to some distant schools in the Khomas region, i.e. Windhoek.


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