“Knowledge expires”

On Friday, 9 May 2008, I was in a meeting at work that lasted for about five hours. At this meeting, a co-worker raised an issue that I will not forget in my career. She said, “the little knowledge that we (reference desk personnel) have can expire if we do not get training” to enhance the skills required to serve the users more effectively at the National Library of Namibia. Given that I am studying at the University of Namibia and carrying out a research on “The training needs for teacher-librarians in the Khomas region”, I was convinced that surely every employee has training needs in order to fill the gaps that they see as stumbling blocks in their careers. But the fact is that knowledge does not expire, except if it is not shared and used. Thus the saying “knowledge shared is knowledge multiplied”. It is my advice that as librarians we should share our expertise, insights, and knowledge of what we know.