WorldCat and SabiCat

Sometimes you never know what is going on in the library field until such a time that you are awakened by somebody or something new, especially if you live in developing countries where technology trends are being difused slowly. This was my case when I did not know what I was missing until today, 11 September 2008, when I went for a training course conducted by Mr. Johann Piennar from Sabinet. Finally, I realised that as a Library Assistant in charge of cataloguing and processing periodicals, was missing much more of a tool to use in certain circumstances t make my work much easier. This training course has helped me very much and I will start using WorldCat A.S.A.P. beginning today.



This is my shortcut example to designing an ISIS database:

1. Field Definition Table (FDT)

Tag Name Type Rep Subfield
100 Title Alphanumeric ab
150 Author Alphanumeric R
200 Imprint Alphanumeric abc

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Newsweek magazine

I was in a meeting last on Tuesday, with a woman from EBSCO. I told her that my problem as a person responsible for periodicals at the National Library of Namibia was that some periodicals were taking too long a time to be delivered. One such example is Newsweek, which we have not been receiving from last year until Tuesday, but we have been paying for its subscription fee. That day she had come with a package but had not yet open it. Little did I know that in that package was Newsweek from February to August 2008. After the meeting, I opened the package…and surprise…there they were – the issues of Newsweek. That has made the difference even though it is too late to receive them.