Librarians in public sector not considered professionals in Namibia

Sociologists question whether librarianship is a profession. They thus classify it as a semi-profession alongside other major semi-professions such as social work, nursing, and teaching. In Namibia, however, the other semi-professions have been recognised as full professions except for librarianship.

Library personnel in the public sector of Namibia are surely not considered to be doing professional work, hence the lowest salaries they are being paid. This is because perhaps the public sector does not recognise the importance that libraries play in the development of the country and in the provision of information to citizens.

Librarians are among the few public servants who have contact with people from all ministries, departments, and the entire public. It is only when senior public employees have a “technical problem” that they think of the library as the only solution to make their enquiry.

It is now time that Namibia recognise the importance of libraries in life, in development, in the country, in decision-making, and in everything that requires information.