Pioneers in Library and Information Science

The task of the pioneers is to shoulder the burden of sacrifice that their work exacts and prepare the way for the future. Namibian pioneers in libraries, have however not prepared the way for the future. Instead they became self-centred and selfish, keeping their ideas to themselves, even running away from what they believe in.

In his article When and why is a pioneer: history and heritage in Library and Information Science in Library Trend (2004, 52(4)),  W. Boyd Rayward wrote “The parallel to these pioneers today would be all of those who, anonymous but committed to the impending transformations, labor to harness the new technology, create new systems, and offer new services; they are hard at work transforming the organisational contexts within which the technology, systems, and services are incorporated. At any stage of development in LIS…can be found these faceless, dedicated labourers who create, transmit, and constantly add to our heritage of documents, ideas, complex problems, and technology…”

In Namibia, individuals are not pioneering or steering librarianship forward. Instead, they are destroying the profession that so few of us love. Dedication is not in the minds of many, hence their relaxation.

Library and Information Science should be promoted in all Regions of our country.