The Power of Knowledge

The saying “knowledge is power” has often being mis-interpreted in many organisations. Some people think knowledge is power when they do not share what they know, with others. The reality is knowledge is power only when it is shared. If knowledge is not shared, however, it may become obsolete and outdated. But if we continue to share what we know, we increase or broaden our knowledge because we gain different ideas from others.

In the some African traditions, elders say that wisdom is acquired from others and that everybody learns from asking questions. It emerged two weeks ago when I was attending a workshop that most fresh graduates who are employed in government are seen as “intruders”. These graduates; when asking about anything at work; are often asked the question “what did you learn at university”? Some are told that “I learned that all by myself, so you must also learn on your own”.

This is definitely not the way knowledge management should be conducted. Rather, people should be encouraged to share knowledge and the receiver should acknowledge the source.


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