“Without Libraries, a Nation Dies”

Libraries across the African continent as well as the entire globe are battling because funding have been reduced. As they struggle with funding, other service providers are getting more than what they are supposed to get. The reason is, apparently, that they are more essential to humanity than ever before. Whatever reason you may think of, this is not right.

Libraries should not be neglected as they are foundation, in some way, of a nation that really wants to get ahead of others or just trying to compete with others. Here is why. Libraries have been around for Centuries and Centuries back. They have been at the heart of empires that have been built. It is amazing that now they are being ignored compared to the past when they were being treasured. That’s because they hold treasures of the world – the known and the unknown.

now, I say without libraries, a nation dies because the lifeblood of a nation to me is a library. These institutions make available to everyone free information – current and non-current, they provide knowledge that is useful in transforming the nation from poverty to riches, they make individuals discover their best selves just by flipping the pages, and this is where intelligence meets the dumb-stricken individuals and resuscitate them – giving them life again, an opportunity that was never seen before.

Just think about it for a while. Can you do without books, newspapers, internet (technology), and all that you can think of? No, you can’t. But libraries brings all these things that you cherish so much, free of charge – well for most of the times! What better way to learn than being in a library, surrounded by loving people and all the resources housed and made available.

Libraries are recording and preserving a nation’s history, its people, its diverse cultures and many other things. This is the best way to learn and discover your country and other countries far and near. A library just broadens the horizons of a person, but we do not want them! How strange?


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