On Accidents during Festivities

The traditional Christmas, New Year and Easter festivities — an exciting period for people, especially those who work far from their home towns — often bring with them heartaches upon their families and loved ones due to accidents and a high level of criminal activities. Accidents on Namibian roads have been increasing each and every year during these periods. The usual suspects are intoxication and negligence of road signs and rules. But can excitement be a contributing factor as well since many have been away from home for a long time? Or perhaps it’s haste, poor eyesight, or other reason?

When I started driving I was taught a simple lesson — most accidents happen just at the beginning and towards the end, not the middle of the journey — one which I have kept with me every time I embark on a journey. This lesson have led me to believe that it is the excitement that leads us to do things we never expected to do, such as over-speeding. However, accidents do not only happen to those who are over-speeding and the like, but even those who are obedient to road traffic rules are met with the same fate. This brings the conclusion that nobody is safe on the road. When you are stressed, when you take pleasure in the contents of an alcoholic bottle, when your eyelids can no longer open, and when the needle go beyond the allowed speed limit, then we are inviting trouble (accident). Therefore, avoid none of these to arrive alive to our families and destinations. The town where you are going will never be shifted but your life may be cut short. Drive to arrive alive.


Be Happy

This is so sweet! Sometimes we do not smile, making ourselves less approachable by people. But if we just smile a little bit, then we open up beauty from within ourselves. We express happiness, and we look so beautiful and approachable. Therefore, light up a little bit and laugh, smile, grin, etc

Poetry On A Roll

Wake up with a smile on your face.
It’s good to be alive.

Build on your happiness throughout the day.
Laugh just because.
No explanation needed for your outburst.

Fall asleep with a smile on your face.
Don’t let your circumstances define you.
Maintaining your happiness is worth more than
the sum of all your mistakes and choices.

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Airing Out Dirty Laundry

When your private life becomes public, expect to be under pressure because at any moment your relationships will collapse.

Poetry On A Roll

Don’t let your private matters
become public affairs.
There’s a time and a place
for everything.
Reserve special times for venting
and airing out dirty laundry.
Handle your private business with care.

written by: Kimalee Jones

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Employee Mass Exodus

I left my work because I was not recognised


Every year, the public service institutions and private sector companies lose hundreds – if not thousands – employees due to certain factors. In Namibia, a huge number of employees exit the public sector in search of greener pastures in the private sectors. A newspaper article “Over 3 800 leave govt. jobs: brain drain has hit hard since last April” by Elvis Muraranganda of the Namibian Sun stated that “government offices, ministries and agencies are experiencing a massive staff turnover due to resignation, job dissatisfaction and dismissal, among other reasons” (2013, p.1). The question is, perhaps, ‘how can an organisation return and attract employees?’ Continue reading

Exercise your Brain to Gain Advantage

‘Gatsby came here to be near Daisy. He can see her house across the bay’. Then there was a reason for all those parties. Gatsby had hoped that one evening, Daisy would walk into his house (Fitzgerald: 2005, p.35).

The quotation above would make you hungry for more, pulsating your heart and keeping your mind in the suspense mode. Just reading one book or article, would make you want to read some more. But in today’s world of Internet and computer games, people would rather watch a movie than read a book. Is reading a book still worthwhile, or can you shelf all books after you have earned a College degree? Continue reading