Knowledge & Youth Unemployment in Namibia

Contributed by Foibe Shaambeni

Many organisations have realised that the most important asset to an organisation is people and their knowledge. Today it is widely acknowledged that knowledge is one of the most important resources in an organisation.  This article will therefore concentrate on how knowledge management can be applied to improve the burden of youth unemployment in Namibia. The concept of knowledge management and youth unemployment will be clearly defined in this article. I will also explain how Namibia is currently dealing with the issue of unemployment as well as how knowledge management can be applied to deal with youth unemployment in Namibia. Continue reading


Namibia’s progress towards Information/Knowledge Society status

In 2004, the Government of the Republic of Namibia launched a document that will see the country as an industrialised nation. This document is known as Namibia Vision 2030 and it states that “Namibia will be transformed into a knowledge-based society” by 2030 (2004, p. 10). However, the document does not mention how this will be achieved. Continue reading