Employee Mass Exodus

I left my work because I was not recognised


Every year, the public service institutions and private sector companies lose hundreds – if not thousands – employees due to certain factors. In Namibia, a huge number of employees exit the public sector in search of greener pastures in the private sectors. A newspaper article “Over 3 800 leave govt. jobs: brain drain has hit hard since last April” by Elvis Muraranganda of the Namibian Sun stated that “government offices, ministries and agencies are experiencing a massive staff turnover due to resignation, job dissatisfaction and dismissal, among other reasons” (2013, p.1). The question is, perhaps, ‘how can an organisation return and attract employees?’ Continue reading


Exercise your Brain to Gain Advantage

‘Gatsby came here to be near Daisy. He can see her house across the bay’. Then there was a reason for all those parties. Gatsby had hoped that one evening, Daisy would walk into his house (Fitzgerald: 2005, p.35).

The quotation above would make you hungry for more, pulsating your heart and keeping your mind in the suspense mode. Just reading one book or article, would make you want to read some more. But in today’s world of Internet and computer games, people would rather watch a movie than read a book. Is reading a book still worthwhile, or can you shelf all books after you have earned a College degree? Continue reading

Recitations: Some Lessons

One of the lessons that helped shape our minds and memory, while we were still in primary school is, without any doubt, recitations. Recitations helped me to stay focused in class and remember almost every word spoken during lessons. The subject, which was compulsory from Grade 1 to Grade 3, was known as Oral Language and Recitation. That time I did not even realise that it was a subject, but it sure helped and continues helping me a great deal! Continue reading

“Violence Against Library Materials”

OPUS Library picture with OPUS Special Collect...

OPUS Library picture with OPUS Special Collections Librarian (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It was a quiet afternoon when all of a sudden the alarm went off. All eyes were fixed on two Grade 10 learners who looked surprised, but not worried. The girls were called to the Reference Desk for a quick search. Everything was OK — no library material was in their possession — and so they were told to proceed…. Continue reading

People as Sources of Information

People are the most readily available source of information in a community. They can give us important information about many issues which cannot be found anywhere else (Goosen et al., 1997, p. 8). Community leaders, the elderly, and experts possess knowledge and wisdom gained by experience. Older members of communities can provide information ranging from historical, moral, religious, social, cultural, traditional, environmental and agricultural. Continue reading

Reference Librarianship/Work

English: Reference Desk, North York Central Li...

English: Reference Desk, North York Central Library (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Reference work or reference librarianship is the personal assistance given by librarians to individual readers in pursuit of information. Evaluation and selection of materials, current awareness services, and dissemination of information, user education, community information services, and inter-library loans are some of the duties of reference librarians. Continue reading